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Friday, 22 May 2009

Corrupt Kenyan MP Threatens Political Activist with Death

Mr Simon MbuguaS

Simon Mbugua

Kenyan MP by name Simon Mbugua (pictured above) has sent his bodyguard called Billy to kill a prominent political activist called Fwamba for voicing his opinion about memebers of Kenya's Parliament who are sometimes bribed to vote in a certain way in favour of corrupt ministers. 

This Billy (bodyguard) phoned the the activist 3.36pm Wednesday asking him to meet him with the intention to kill him.

However, the activist refused to meet him fearing his fate will be similar to three political activists who recently lost their lives under misterious circumstances for voicing their opinion on similar issues in the country.

In August 2008 this MP Simon Mbugua was made to stand trial for fraud and theft and his election as MP for Nairobi's Kamukunji Constituency was very controversial.

It must be remembered that Mr. Fwamba was arrested and beaten by Kenyan police for protesting against lack of food and the fact that prices were beyond the reach of many Kenyans.

By this message we want to tell whole world that Mr. Simon Mbugua should be held responsible should anything happens to Mr. Fwamba.

By Lord Aikins Adusei


Sam Nadal said...

Why don't you do the right thing mister so called honourable MP? Do the right instead of trying to be corrupt and use violence and threats to intimidate those who are sick and tired of your corrupt political life.

Adrews Guinea said...

Who do you think you are? You steal from the people and when they protest then you want to kill them why? Be very careful because you will reap what you sow.

Justice said...

Look here Mr. Corrupt MP be reasonable why do you want to kill an innocent man? You have no credibility do you? Are you not ashamed of yourself for engaging in corruption and trying to kill on top of your corrupt life. Is that what you call justice?
Repent ok?

James said...

Mr. MP we will hold you responsible if something should happened to our great leader and friend. And we shall do our best to bring you to justice anywhere in the world unless you decide to stay in Kenya for the rest of your life. Remember that years of impunity and abuse of power cannot continue any longer.

Therefore know that there are laws in this world that you are not above. You may be above Kenyan laws but not international laws. You know where Charles Taylor is spending his life now. Just be careful.

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