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Friday, 24 April 2009

The Appetite Of A Notorious Expansionist: Danzig For Hitler, Migingo For Museveni?

The border crisis between Kenya and Uganda is a reminder of some of the historical facts related to both ancient and modern conquests. History has proved that border disputes or the urge for territorial expansion is no new thing.

The appetite of all political expansionists has always appeared insatiable. That is why in as much as the Kenyan and Ugandan governments are looking for the surveyors to ascertain the real borders in Lake Victoria; Ugandan troops are busy shifting the Kenya Uganda border beacons in West Pokot. This behavior by the Ugandan government could be a time bomb for Kenya. The behavior exhibited by the Ugandan troops is a very high level of provocation.

If in Migingo they were using survey maps as an excuse, then what is their excuse for invading Kenyans borders in the north. If we look at the Norman conquests of England in AD 1066 by Duke William of Normandy, and Adolf Hitler’s attempts to conquer the whole of Europe in precedence to world war two, then we can easily guess what kind of person president Museveni is given his stay in power on the Ugandan presidency, presiding over and ‘winning’, flawed presidential elections, appointing his close family relatives to senior political offices in the country and his behavior on the border points exhibit someone with insatiable appetite for power with expansionist tendencies.

At the beginning of 1066, the Anglo Saxon ruler of England, Edward the Confessor was on his death bed. Since he had no children, there was no direct heir to the throne and he had not publicly designated any heir to succeed him. After his death Harold Godwinson succeeded him. This was resented by William of Normandy who was distantly related to the Confessor and claimed that he had been promised the throne.

Duke William had readied himself to invade England which included parts of France like Brittany and Flanders. Duke William and his army crossed the English Channel and landed in England. On hearing the news of the Norman army landing on the English coast, Harold Godwinson marched south with his army to battle the Norman invaders.

Though the English army was victorious in the battle of Stamford Bridge, it also suffered losses. It was in a battered and weakened state which adversely affected its capacity to repel the Norman invasion of England.

The Norman story informs us that Museveni might have been planning to invade Kenya for some time and he seems to be well prepared for the war. Given his stubbornness you never know which other parts of Kenya he is soon going to either quietly invade or claim that they belong to his country. History has proved that expansionists will use flimsiest of excuses to intrude other states including use of gangster diplomacy. It’s widely believed that those people who gained power by the guerrilla operations have little regard for human life and going to war to them is no big deal as long as it’s aimed at satisfying their urge to expand territory. Its has even been alleged before that Museveni is a believer in Mao Tse Tung’s ideas including the belief that power comes through a barrel of a gun.

The scenario also replicates the tricks Hitler used against his neighboring countries in 1938 with an intention of being able to have political grip of the whole of Europe through military conquest. By the beginning of 1939, Adolf Hitler had become so bold that he tried to steal two separate neighboring territories at the same time. While he was focusing on taking Czechoslovakia, he was also pressuring Poland to give him the former German city of Danzig located on the Baltic Sea. And he wanted the Poles to permit construction of a new super highway and railroad stretching from Germany through Polish territory into East Prussia.

Given these historical scenarios which are only but examples, we seem to be faced by a more serious problem than we may imagine. It indicates that any form of military provocation is usually well preplanned by the aggressor and that the aggressed in most cases is found unawares or ill prepared and also that other neighboring states will easily realize the weakness of the assaulted nation and also attempt to take advantage and try to annex that land.

Maybe Museveni thinks he can be Hannibal, the Carthaginian military commander and tactician who is rated as one of the best commanders in history. "M7" could be reading too much into the journeys Hannibal took as he sought to conquer Rome. Maybe Kenya is Museveni’s Rome but it could as well turn out to be his Waterloo.

It is advisable that Kenya ceases entertaining Museveni diplomacy and embarks on securing its borders more aggressively lest we end up getting invaded by other neighboring states who might easily think we are invincible. We beseech thee the commander in chief and president of Kenya to act over Migingo and Pokot west in the earliest opportune moment to regain the pride of the nation. Museveni might be buying time as he prepares for assault with an intention to have personal whims to decide what part of Kenya belongs to Uganda and which does not

If Kenya doesn’t take action, this Ugandan president might easily claim just like his country’s former despot Iddi Amin that, Uganda extends up to Naivasha.

Fwamba Nc Fwamba and Muriuki Mukurima
Nairobi, Kenya.


Ghana Pundit said...

I do not know why Uganda is always trying to engineer wars and conflict with her neighbours. Why can't Uganda live in peace with her neighbours?

It has invaded Democratic Republic of Congo several times.

Iddi Amin invaded Tanzania before he was deposed by and now she is picking a border confrontation with Kenya, the East Africa's most powerful and prosperous nation. Uganda leaders must learn to live in peace with its people and her neighbours for there is no reward in wars except deaths.

Anonymous said...

Is Uganda not tired of wars and instabilities? A war with Tanzania; a civil war that brought Museveni to power, another bloody war in the north of the country; an invasion of DRC and now border confrontation with a peaceful nation.

Uganda leaders must take lessons from the downfall and of Hitler and the destruction of Germany during WW2. Uganda must use her meagre resources to fight poverty and HIV/AIDS and stop behaving like an ostrich.

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