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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Nigeria dares US in corruption case

Murtala Mohamed Kamara, AfricaNews reporter in Freetown, Sierra Leone

  1. The Nigerian Federal Government has written a letter to the United States authorities to name the Nigerian individuals that were involved in the Halliburton bribery scandal in which a US national Albert Stanley is been sentenced to seven years imprisonment followed by a fine of $250,000.
    nigerian president
    According to This Day Newspaper Jackson, a former officer and Director of Kellog Brown & Root, Inc an engineering company based in Texas US late last year bribed some high profile Nigerian government officials to secure contract which is estimated to the tune of $ 6 US billion dollars. On his return, Stanley was arrested, charged and convicted for violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. This historical trial was welcomed by many including Nigerians.

    In a letter addressed to the US Attorney-General Eric Holder signed by Michael Aondoakaa Nigeria Minister of Justice and Attorney-General said the US is aware of those Nigerians who were involved in committing that crime and the US cooperation will help his country in its drive to fight corruption.

    The letter read “the Nigerian Attorney -General has opened an investigation of this matter and now requests assistance from the United States Government. The Attorney General is determined to prosecute all of the participants in this case of grand corruption wherever they may be located, to the full extent of Nigerian law.’’

    The letter further stated that “In order to do this, the Federal Government of Nigeria would require all the reports of the investigation conducted by the U.S Government including all documents recovered from Mr. Stanley or under the control or custody of Mr. Stanley or a competent authority relating to all inquiry and investigation and any other investigative files. The Federal Government of Nigeria would also require the assistance of the U.S Government to compel Mr. Stanley to provide substantial assistance to the Nigerian Government including providing truthful, complete and accurate information to the Nigerian government pursuant to his plea agreement with U.S government.”

    Nigeria is regarded as one of the world’s most corrupt nations in the world despite the creation of the country’s Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) in its bid to fight corruption and create accountability and transparency most Nigerians said EFCC is far from achieving its goal

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