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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Accra:AMA Boss in "Kuluulu" Contract

Alfred Vanderpuije

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... Awarded multi-billion dollar contract to "invisible" firm
... Refutes allegations

Dr. Alfred Vanderpuije, Accra Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) on Thursday refuted the contractual allegation levelled against him by the media.

The MCE is accused of awarding a multi -billion -dollar contract to a newly formed sanitation company (EWS Ghana Limited), which has not been registered with the Registrar General's Department. Dr Vanderpuije was also blamed for having a vested interest in the contract, which inspired him to approve the contract which would last for 25 years.

Addressing a press conference in Accra, Dr Vanderpuije said EWS Ghana limited was formed earlier this month as part of the company's Holdings, which had branches in Germany and the US. He denied being a shareholder of the company. The MCE said the company did not go through the tendering process because it had accepted to bear all the cost of production for which government was not required to pay a penny. The contract would also last for 10 years and not 25 years.

He said the Ministry of Local Government was fully aware of all the negotiations with the company and that nothing was done in the dark. Dr Vanderpuije cited the recycling of waste products to generate electricity as one of the main benefits of the contract. The emotionally charged MCE urged journalists to cross check their facts before publication in order to avoid feeding the public with falsehood.

He said he had the city of Accra at heart and that he would not be deterred by such frivolous allegations.


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