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Friday, 31 July 2009

Corrupt DRC magistrates send packing

More than 100 magistrates and judges in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been sacked as part of President Joseph Kabila’s campaign to clean the judiciary of greasy dealings.

Making the announcement yesterday, the Minister of Justice, Luzolo Bambi Lessa said the move was only the beginning as other sectors, including the military, were also to feel the pinch of the anti-corruption whip.

The minister said the operation had to start somewhere and that this was a good launch to ridding the country of corruption.

Those already in the sacking bracket include the president of the Supreme Court and the State Prosecutor who were amongst those pointed after recommendations made by a Congolese legal disciplinary body.

However, even though under pressure to clean the judicial house, the government has also been accused of not giving a fair hearing to those affected, with some sacked magistrates crying foul of victimisation.

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